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    … forced to refuse the dictatorial impositions of big production companies discovered in the documentary a free and independent way to work and experiment. Particularly, when cameras weight went down from twenty to ten and then to almost a kilo, and when Kodak decided to put into commerce the 16 mm film, costs of production went down to acceptable levels for everyone.

    Any director refused by important companies, could try to reach success on his own, and show, even by simply filming an African dance, his great qualities as a director. All this in theory because basically the documentary has been and still is considered today a younger son, quite resolute but artistically less gifted. I wouldn’t want to start any noise, I would simply like to state once more that the short film is the only true possible way to make of you a good director, and that so many documentaries are registered in the rolls of honour of cinema.

    English version edited by Daniele Piserchia

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