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I remember an episode that happened to me while filming Jesse James’ Kid. I was half an hour late; seriously too much. After waiting for a long time, before I arrived, the director’s assistant took my place in a quick scene. He got on a cart used for transport, suspended in the air. When getting in the cart, this suddenly fell and the assistant to the director fell from 12 meters of height. He was save for a miracle, but was forced to rest for more than a year. He’s fine now, he’s a director. Among the many films I’ve been in, my favourite is Marco Polo my first film as an antagonist. I started my career with the fake name of Robert Hundar. Then other films of every kind. Some western films: Tres hombres Buenos (The three merciless), Hour of Death, Dollars for a Fast Gun. I remember my colleagues: Rory Calhoum, Jack Palance.Lee Van Clif, Alex Nicol, Mark Forrest,Tony Lo Bianco, John Saxon, HarrySilva, Raymund Armistrof, Richard Jonson, Edmond Purdom, Thomas Milian, Antonio de Teffè, Giuliano Gemma,Sebastiano Somma, Claudio Cassinelli and others. My companions: Antonella Lualdi. Yvonne Fournox, Michel Mercier, Pamela Tudor,Maite Blasco, Anna Moffo, Shirpa Lane, Gloria Osuna, Emma Cohen, Gloria Milland and others.

My directors: Joaquin Romero Marchent (five films) Michele Lupo(four films) Umberto Lenzi(three films) Al Bradly (three film) Mario Caiano,Hugo Fregonese, Giulio De Micheli, Antonio del Amo, Josè Luis Boraw, Gianfranco Parolini, Giuseppe Vari, Francesco Meddi, Giulio Berruti, Vito Zagario, Luigi Russo. I wish to the cinema of these days, and to the new directors, actors and scriptwriters to loose provincialism, loose the petite if even beautiful Italian little stories and to realize quality products, European at least. This is the only way, Italian cinema, can return to its best.

You will find here Claudio Undari’s films:

Claudio Undari, filmography

Ciao, Claudio

English version edited by Daniele Piserchia

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