ciao, Claudio

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    Claudio Undari, in art Robert Hundar, died in Rome on the 12th of May 2008.

    He was 73 years old, famous on the internet and on the newspapers, as the king of Spaghetti Western. I have been friend with him for over thirty years. I have written three screen-plays for him; we have shared together, as documentary directors, many adventures in Italy and abroad. Claudio was most certainly the king of Spaghetti Western, the first Italian cowboy, the first one to mount on an American saddle, as he describes in this blog, but his interests in the world of show business have been more than a few, his job has always been marked by a great creative mind. He was a kind person, generous, a brotherly friend. Ciao Claudio. Make sure it’s you that walk in front of God, because if it’s Robert Hundar, well it’s going to be really tough.

    English version edited by Daniele Piserchia

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    1. claudio undari Says:

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