Technology exists

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    to be used, however, technology doesn’t teach

    People that have a need or interest to learn the seventh art, that enrol to the University, follow courses for editing, camera operators, scriptwriters, photography directors, film directors, comprehend this statement quite well. And here’s the reason for this Course. Nothing against Universities, though, to my opinion they distribute their knowledge unequally, more theory than practice. There so much to say instead on the different Courses one can encounter, most of them cost a lot of money and give in return a few pills of knowledge, it’s either due to their short length, or because they’re simply superficial. It’s one of the reasons that had pushed Rodolfo Sonego to give free lessons on screen-play, giving life to a school of artists from which have come to the spotlight well-known scriptwriters such as Leo Colonna, Silvia Napolitano, Antonello Rinalidi, Tiziana donninaLeondeff and many others. This website exists for the same reasons, even though, mine is a less prestigious podium than Sonego’s. Offering to teach what one has learned is a great method to fight ignorance, and above all, to try to explain what it means to be a scriptwriter or a director. Too many television executives (and not only in the national television) have such a vague idea on this, that to try to inform them would be pure work of Christian charity. If you are interested and aren’t in a hurry, we’ll be able to experience together a fascinating walk, starting from the camera shot to reach a good technical knowledge to write a screen-play. And then we’ll learn to take out, from the screen-play, a roberto sonegowork plan, the duration, the essential requirements for a scene, to be able to consider its costs and face the filming and the editing with the certainty to be able to finish the whole work. Either if you need to realize a video-clip on the song you love the most, or if you need an original support for your thesis, you must be aware that when a job is well done, technically not criticisable, it has a lot more probabilities to reach the purpose that you preset. And it is important that you are aware that every footstep will be taken together, in this ideal classroom which is the internet. Together we will give life to something special, experimental, that shall be useful to those who will come afterwards, and not only to ourselves.

    english version edited by Daniele Piserchia

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